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Copper Bracelets & Green Skin

Copper Bracelets & Green Skin

I frequently receive emails and phone calls from people asking: "Will your copper bracelets turn my skin green?" The best answer I can provide is: "I don't know". Many of our copper bracelets are made with pure copper and the way one person reacts to pure copper is often different than another person. The green stain becomes visible when the body dissolves the copper faster than it absorbs it. The best suggestion I can offer is to try one.

Most people that like to wear copper don't care about having an occasional green stain on their wrist they view it as proof that the copper is working. They expect to see a green mark where copper bracelet touches the skin. The same bracelet that remains shiny on one person, will turn another person's wrist green, could these reactions be related to a person's metabolism? I would have to say yes.

The green stains you see are caused by deposits of chelated copper. Chelated means they are copper compounds in a soluble form that can be assimilated by our bodies. Copper in its purist metallic form cannot be absorbed by our bodies however chelated copper compounds can easily be absorbed by our skin. Dr. Ray Walker, Univ. of Newcastle, Australia stated "Copper, when in contact with the skin, form chelates with human sweat (sometimes seen as a green deposit under the bracelet) and is thus absorbed through the skin. Think of a bracelet as a 'time-release' source of copper."

Arthritis is the number one crippling disease in America. The American Arthritis Foundation calls copper bracelets an "unproven remedy." There is overwhelming circumstantial evidence to warrant clinical trials by the Food & Drug Administration to prove or disprove the therapeutic effects of wearing copper bracelets, why are those tests not being done? Maybe because all the pills available today to treat arthritis have created a multi-billion dollar industry that if by some chance a copper treatment was to be approved by the FDA it would be viewed as bad news. Is it possible that in their efforts to preserve market share these powerful drug companies are somehow minimizing the testing of this natural and affordable alternative? We may never know.


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