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Meet Beamer

Beamer's that guy that's played the back 9 at every major course from Pebble Beach to the Quick Putt behind the Dairy Queen in Rockland Alabama. He thinks he knows it all and if you start hangin' around him enough, you might just start to think he does too. He'll help you pick out the right club for your stance and at the same time tell you what's wrong with your swing, after all, if you don't do it like Beamer does, then it's gotta be wrong.

As you wander around our site you'll see Beamers comments, for better or for worse, about our great products. We don't let him out of the clubhouse very often so try not to get offended if he says something you don't like. If you ever want to put a beer down with the Beamer or listen to him ramble on about the tree that got in the way of his amazing hole-in-one shot, you can always find him sippin' on a scotch at the 19th hole.


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