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Trion:Z What are People Saying

Trion:Z What are People Saying

Customer Testimonials

I have had chronic shoulder and wrist pain for years. I started wearing the Trion: Z bracelet and within an hour I noticed that the pain had subsided. Within a day all the pain was gone and has not returned. One of the best purchases I have ever made.
--- Jeremy Beasley - ( Shalimar, FL · Military )

An hour after first putting on the bracelet my chronic cluster headaches went away. It has been the best relief for the pain I ever had. Thank you.
--- Kevin Whisman - ( Annapolis, MD · US Navy )

These things really work! I once had forearm pain after a round or two of golf . Since I purchased the Trion:Z I have no pain anymore. This also works for projects around the house like hauling lumber, trimming bushes and even transporting luggage to and from the airport. I am very pleased with this product.
--- jay papez - ( Lake Oswego, OR · Transportation )

I was playing golf about everyday and my wrist started hurting so I went to Golf Smith and found this bracelet and tried it out and the next day my wrist started to hurt so I put the bracelet on and in matter of minutes I felt no pain.
--- Ryan MacDonald - ( Houston, TX · Student )

I bought one a month ago and liked the style. I then bought a second one in different color to match other clothing. The day after I made my second career hole in one in a tournament. I did not see it go in, but my 5 iron to 183 yards was all over the flag. The hole was hidden behind a ridge in the green. When I approached the green, the green was bare as no one else in my foursome hit it. I thought my ball rolled through the green into the rough. As I scanned the rough on my way to the hole the ball could not be seen. My playing partner said maybe it's in the cup. I was doubting that but it was!
--- Dave Anderson - ( Virginia Beach, VA · Naval Officer )

After 30 years of writing about sports and golf, I've developed advanced carpal tunnel syndrome. It got to the point where playing golf was a problem. During a round of golf, I was given a Trion:Z bracelet. I put it on and within three minutes felt a heat sensation in my right wrist and forearm. Almost immediately thereafter, the discomfort was reduced by more than 50 percent. Later that night, I took the bracelet off before going to bed. I was awoken during the night with pain in right hand and arm. I put the bracelet back and was back to sleep in 10 minutes. I haven't taken the bracelet off since then and don't intend to in the future. Thanks for allowing me to type and play golf again!
--- Jack O'Leary - ( Lakeland, FL · writer )

"During the past year I have been fighting severe wrist pain. The pain got so bad that I could not even grip a golf club. The second I put the Trion Z on it was a matter of days and the pain was totally gone."
--- Rob Murphy - ( Diamondhead, MS · Asst. Golf Pro )

"I was skeptical about these types of bracelets and necklaces but after wearing one while I walked a round of golf, I felt as if I could've gone another round. I felt no fatigue and played an extra nine holes."
--- SSgt Steve Guzman - ( Oceanside, CA · U.S. Marines )

I've always been a skeptic for these magnetic therapy bracelets until now. I'm an avid golfer and pretty active in general. A few months back, I developed a case of tendonitis in my right elbow. One day, I was at my local golf shop and saw the TrionZ bracelets. The price point was perfect, so I decided to try one out and within a few hours, my entire elbow pain went completely away! This product truly is amazing. I've now gotten my family and friends to wear them now as well.
--- Jonathan Sung - ( Virginia Beach, VA )

I have arthritis in my hip which leaves me with chronic pain. I ordered a bracelet and haven't taken it off since. My pain is gone! My Step-Daughter has Leukemia and we purchased a band for her and it has helped her joint pain significantly. We swear by your product.
--- Gloria Lamorey - ( Graniteville, VT · EDI Technical Account Manager )

I have sold and believed in the magnet concept for years as a club pro. I came across the Trion Z at the PGA Show this January. I have been very impressed with the product and have personally seen a diffence with the wrist pain that I used to experience. You can now see the Trion Z worn by many NCAA golfers across the country.
--- Michael Akers - ( Assistant Golf Coach of the University of Central Florida )

After hitting golf balls off mats all winter long my elbows and hands started to get sore, I purchased 2 bracelets, one for a sore ankle one for my wrist, I was amazed how fast the pain went away. I spoke to TrionZ today, the customer service is unbeatable. This works no doubt.
--- Scot Orchard - ( Sparks, NV · Estimator )

"I have been involved in professional competitions in a variety of extreme sports worldwide and am now pursuing a career in the golf industry. I was kind of a skeptic when I first tried the Trion:Z bracelet, but I soon realized that the pain I usually have on my left ankle had decreased! I was surprised so I continued to wear my Trion:Z and within a few days I also realized that I felt a lot more peaceful in my life and particularly on the golf course!"
--- Yannick Rosset - ( Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland · Former BMX World Champion )

"I am a professional LPGA Tour Caddy. I've had knee problems that have been getting worse over the last 6 months to the point where I could not walk a full 18 holes because of the pain. It got so bad that I could not bend my knees more than 40 degrees because of the pain, so I could not crouch down to read the greens. A fellow caddy saw the Trion:Z bracelets at the Bob Hope Classic and got one for me. The day after I put on the bracelet, I was able to walk a full 18 holes with very little pain for the first time in months. I could also crouch all the way down to read the greens without pain. My Pro and fellow caddies were amazed and asked me what I did, and I told them the only thing different was the Trion:Z"
--- Tom Borwick - ( LPGA Tour Caddy )

I recently got my hands on a Trion:Z bracelet and can't believe the scores I have shot after beginning to use it. I shot my best score ever with it on and can't believe how good it makes me feel. If you are golfer looking for an edge with your game look no further; it is here with the Trion:Z bracelet!
--- Michael Seiden - ( Las Vegas, NV · PGM Student )

I have had trouble with golfer's elbow for years. I have never tried a magnet bracelet before. I tried a Trion:Z and my arm felt better after one day. I still can't believe it. I'm telling everyone. I ordered one for my wife and I am ordering one for my dad.
--- Chuck whitted - ( Dayton, IN · Manager )

I saw the Trion:Z bracelet one night on the Golf Channel and bought one the next day at a local golf shop. I have had it two weeks and already can feel and see a difference in my concentration. I had my first Hole-In-One this weekend and I give all the credit to my new Trion:Z bracelet. THANKS Trion:Z
--- Wayne Myers - ( Jasper, AL · Automotive Parts Sales )

I am an avid weight lifter, golfer, and I work on my computer all day long. I recently developed hand, wrist, and arm pain from lifting and working on my computer. My hands would actually "Fall asleep" at night. I decided to try your product and within hours my hands, arms, and wrists felt much better. My hands have not fallen asleep since. I am convinced that the Trion:Z Negative Ion wrist bands are working. I told as many friends about this as possible. This is an outstanding product.
--- Ed Krause - ( New Orleans, LA · Consultant )

Got my TRION:Z Tues at noon, wore it for a few hours and felt a dramatic change. No more aches in my neck; back felt much better, and just felt all around BETTER. Can't explain it but I'm not taking it off for quite a while. Trust me Iam a SKEPTIC..
--- Jeff Ellis - ( Millerton, NY )

I bought the Trion:Z bracelet right before my round. It was a slow day and I am a pretty fast pace player. Usually on slow days I begin to lose my concentration and I do not score that well. Today was a completely different story. I was very calm the whole day and I was able to concentrate on each shot. Even when I hit a bad shot it did not bother me and I was able to recover! I shot 3 under par from the tips (7,200 + yard course) and usually after a round I am pretty tired and lower back is sore. I felt like I could play another round! Thank you Trion:Z I can't wait to see what happens next round!!!
--- Steve Kerce - ( Madison, AL · Former Mini Tour Player )

I had a degenerated disc in my lower back. I took up golf appx 2.5 yrs ago for the exercise. Even after my cortisone shots in my lower back and even after switching "shafts" to graphite, my lower back would still be sore by about the 14th Tee. I have been wearing Sabona bracelets for about a year, they helped alot however, when I tried the TrionZ bracelet instead about 2 weeks ago, I was ASTONISHED! My back, my recently sprained ankle, in general, I felt GREAT even after playing golf for 2 days in a row. Due to my lower back issues I have a pinched nerve that causes the left thigh muscle to be pretty much "numb" for the last 20 years, 2 days after putting on the TrionZ bracelt, I have no pinched nerve, and all the feeling back in my left thigh for the first time in 20 years. I feel GREAT and the "balance" that the TrionZ gives you is a Blessing and I NEVER felt better. I can now play 18 holes and feel like playing another round right afterwards. Thanks for the first pain free round and feeling not only physically better but mentally better for the first time in almost 20 years. I am going out tomorrow to buy a second one to wear. Thanks TrionZ. Keep up the good work.
--- Kenny Yates - ( Frisco, TX · Novice "pain-free" Golfer )

It's my 70th birthday and I did not feel like doing anything except maybe feeling sorry for myself. My daughter gave me the double bracelet and I put it on to make her feel good. Surprise - within a few hours I feel energetic and will enjoy the rest of this day and I guess the rest of this life. Thank you for your fabulous product.
--- Leslie Pochos - ( Philadelphia, PA · Retired )

I am 57 years old, a very low handicap golfer, and play with steel shafts. Since wearing the Trion:Z I am able to play more than 18 holes per day and my left elbow tendonitis is non-existent. It sounds like a miracle and it is. If you don't believe me you must try this product for yourself.
--- Robert Marcus - ( Boca Raton, FL · Securities Trader )

I recently purchased the Trion-Z bracelet and noticed a feeling of calmness and the constant pain in my wrist, knee and back have disappeared
--- Thomas Harris III - ( New Castle, DE · Law Enforcement )

I don't know how it works but I experienced less aches and pains almost immediately and have more energy. I don't know if it is my head or my body, but something has changed.
--- Henry Frick

The Trion:Z relieves aches and soreness caused by consistent housework. I've been wearing and haven't had any irritation since.
--- Theresa Mahoney - ( Carlsbad, CA )

Received the bracelet yesterday and the relief from my tendonitis was almost instantaneous!! Within 30 minutes of wearing the bracelet the dull ache I've had for the last 4 weeks disappeared!!! I would recommend this item to anyone who suffers from joint soreness.
--- Michael Mann - ( West Harrison, NY )

The TRION:Z bracelet allowed me to play with a unique feeling of freedom. My swing is basically on auto pilot, the bracelet allows me to concentrate on the target rather than worry about what positions my swing are going through. I have arthritis in my hands & knees, when I am wearing the TRION:Z Bracelet I am able to play without noticing the pain that I feel without the bracelet. I have worn many different bracelets over the past 25 years, none have given me the relief that your bracelet has.
--- Coach Hugh Veale - ( North Dallas, TX )

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