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What is a Trion:Z Bracelet

What is a Trion:Z Bracelet?

Trion:Z Dual Loop Magnetic/Ion Bracelets

Trion:Z bracelets bring the power of minus ions and twin 1,000 gauss therapeutic magnets together to form the most powerful product of its kind today.

Trion:Z is made with “Stayers”, a unique material woven with minus-ion producing minerals, which generates and releases more than twenty times the minus ions of the metal “ionized” bracelets, silicon tourmaline-embedded bracelets, and titanium bracelets of the competition.

Trion:Z bracelets use two 1,000 gauss therapeutic medical grade magnets, arranged in a patented Alternating North-South Polarity (ANSPO) matrix that increases the effectiveness and penetrating power of the magnets.


Background of Minus Ions

  • Minus Ions are generally abundant in nature through plants, waterfalls, rain storms and forests—all of which offer a natural good feeling. These Ions unfortunately are depleted in urban areas as a result of modern technology.
  • The human body absorbs Positive Ions from electronic equipment, cell phones, electrical wiring, and machinery encountered in everyday modern life.  Physical stress and exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) Rays also elevates the positive ion levels within the body.  Research shows that excessive Positive Ion levels are associated with fatigue, lack of concentration, muscle and joint aches, and feeling of nausea.
  • Trion:Z’s minus-ion properties counteract the Positive Ions created by modern technology, daily stress, and physical activity.

Stayer’s: A Unique Material

Trion:Z bracelets are made with “Stayers,” a unique textile with minus-ion producing minerals woven into the fabric. It generates significant, beneficial levels of Minus Ions.

  • The Ions in Trion:Z products are released in measurable and in significant amounts.
  • Produces twenty to fifty times more Minus Ions than competing Ion bracelets.
  • Can be washed and will still maintain its minus-ion producing properties when wet, and can be worn while swimming or surfing.

Background of Therapeutic Magnets

  • From the times of the ancient Egyptians, Eastern Culture has embraced magnets for its therapeutic powers.
  • Magnetic fields exist in all areas of life. The earth is in essence one large magnet, surrounded by a large magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field protects us from radiation.
  • The cells in the body create electrical charges and magnetic forces. Human cells require magnetic fields for health and regeneration. Modern technology and lifestyles shield us from the earth’s natural magnetic fields.
  • Trion:Z creates a boost in the body’s magnetic field, embracing its natural active aura.

Patented Alternating North-South Orientation


Trion:Z uses medical grade magnets in a unique patent Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) to maximize magnetic field flow.

  • Trion:Z utilizes a patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) to increase the effective area of the magnetic field, and penetrates deeper into tissue fibers and muscle.



  • A majority of magnetic devices on the market utilize two-dimensional magnets which are inexpensive to produce and have minimal magnetic field penetration.
  • Other multi-magnet devices orient “Like” poles in the same direction.  This orientation is less effective due to the fact that “like” poles repel, creating a dead zone with no magnetic field between the magnets.

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