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About Minus Ion (Negative Ion) Technology

Our body generates Positive Ions as we absorb Negative Ions (Minus Ions) into our system; this gives us balance. In Japan they have concluded that electricity, machinery, and human beings all compete for Minus Ions. It is believed that a low level of Minus Ion intake can cause an imbalance and may be the reason that some people experience stress, nervousness and discomfort.

The composition of Titan Rules Minus Ion Products attract Minus Ions to your body. Depending on your ionic balance, they may offer you relief. Minus Ions are sometimes referred to as the "Vitamins of the Air." Our Titan products may help you if you are not bringing enough Minus (negative) Ions into your body to create a proper balance.

Titan Rules is the “One and Only” Titan "Minus Ion" Wrist Band manufactured in Japan. These trendy wrist bands, as seen on the PGA tour, LPGA tour, Champions Tour and the Nationwide Tour, are made of specially processed soft silicone rubber, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic.

Now you can benefit from Titanium "Minus Ions" and its’ inherent ion balancing power! In a soft, comfortable, pain-easing wrist band.

Here’s what a Titan Rules Minus Ion Bracelet can do for you:
  • Ease wrist, hand, elbow, back and shoulder pain
  • Restore important ion balance
  • Warm cold hands and feet
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Help recovery from sports fatigue
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